Volunteer Services

We believe education reform cannot simply come from more government spending. Individuals and local businesses must agree to invest in education with both time and money. We also rely on the help of private donors to continue giving our students free access to highly qualified instructors, curriculum, and STEM-based project-learning experiences.

We need volunteers in two areas:

Volunteers from STEM fields: Our students need to meet and learn from mentors in STEM fields. Our program is an easy way for you to get involved in the community by meeting some great kids and offering advice about pursuing excellence in STEM subjects now and STEM careers in the future. We believe the experience impacts the volunteers just as much as the students.

Operating Support: We run our program for a limited number of students on each of our campuses at this time. Your support for STEM RISE will have a direct impact on the number of students we serve.

E-mail: Stem.rise.org@gmail.com